Chicago Restaurants To Grab A Bite At Before A Heavy Metal Concert

Chicago restaurants
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In such a massive city, there are a lot of great Chicago restaurants that cater to a multitude of needs. Want some quick dive bar food? There are loads of options. Interested in some Indian dishes, or perhaps pizza, Italian, or Swedish options? You can find a lot of incredible Chicago restaurants serving awesome dishes.

There are so many choices that it can be a little overwhelming at times trying to find the right Chicago restaurant to grab a bite at before a heavy metal concert. So, for any of you looking to catch a show in the Windy City sometime in the near future, we thought we’d make the process of finding a solid dining experience a little easier for you.

While also considering some of the best Chicago heavy metal music venues around, we took a look at what Chicago restaurants were worth checking out!

Fat Cat

Located near the Aragon Ballroom, Fat Cat is a great Chicago restaurant to grab some comfort food. Along with the 1940s décor, Fat Cat offers a chill, upbeat environment where you can relax with your buds before heading over to the big show. If you’re lucky enough to attend Fat Cat on Monday or Wednesday night, then you have a chance of enjoying their Monday BYOB Burger Night and Whiskey Wednesdays specials, respectively.

Chicago restaurant
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Casa Índígō

Serving everything from chilaquiles, chicken and waffles, guisados, burgers, Guerrero-style Machetes, egg-focused entrees, and much more, Casa Índígō offers a great variety of dishes. Conveniently located near Thalia Hall, this is a great locale to chill out at prior to a heavy metal concert.

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Fiesta Mexicana Restaurant

Maybe you’re in the neck of the woods where the Aragon Ballroom and Riviera Theatre are located – perhaps consider Fiesta Mexicana Restaurant as your Chicago restaurant of choice. Who doesn’t love tacos, burritos, and fajitas? Or if you’re looking for a variety of sides to snack out on, Fiesta Mexicana Restaurant has you covered.

Chicago restaurants
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Also nearby is that of Agami, which offers a great array of sushi and Japanese beers. You can eat in style when it comes to Agami, as they offer oysters, buns, soups, and a variety of hot and cold entrees that’ll get you pleasantly full. This is absolutely one of the best Chicago restaurants to dine at when it comes to sushi.

Chicago restaurants
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Reggies Chicago

Say you are attending Reggies Chicago for a show and looking for a place to eat – why not eat at Reggies? Along with a record store based above the venue, to the side of the venue is also the Reggies restaurant and bar. Want to snack down on burgers, beers, and fries before you head into the pit? Reggies is a great place to vibe out at before your show starts.

Chicago restaurants
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Chicago restaurants
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Spoke & Bird Cafe (South Loop)

Or maybe before attending a Reggies show you want to eat somewhere else; a place where you can grab sandwiches and has a chill vibe. Spoke & Bird Cafe has you covered when it comes to that environment. From BLTs to a squash melt, to their Spoke & Bird smash burger and additional sides, the Spoke & Bird Cafe is a delightful joint to kick it by yourself or with your crew.

Chicago restaurants
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Sushi + Rotary Sushi Bar (Chinatown)

Somewhat close to Reggies is a great sushi place called Sushi +Rotary Sushi Bar. From an incredible array of appetizers and different sushi rolls, you’ll find yourself with many excellent options at Sushi + Rotary Sushi Bar. Or Maybe you’re in the mood for some ramen instead, well you don’t need to head anywhere else, because this spot has some of the best ramen around!

Chicago restaurants
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Kuma’s Corner

How are we going to talk about Chicago restaurants and not bring up Kuma’s Corner? This heavy metal themed burger joint is one of the best places in the world to get a burger. Many of their dishes are named after bands; the Mastodon is just one of their many great burgers. If you’re in Chicago and you have the time to head out to Kuma’s before your show, you absolutely have to go there.

Chicago restaurants
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We hope that this list of Chicago restaurants helps to provide some solid ideas as to where you can eat throughout the city. Chicago restaurants are home to some of the best dining experiences in the world – and when it comes to grabbing a bite the night of a show – you want to make sure your dining experience is top notch.

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Words by: Michael Pementel