Anthrax Drummer Announces Rush Tribute EP For Record Store Day

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Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante will be releasing a special Rush tribute EP for this year’s Record Store Day (which takes place on April. 23rd).

This Rush tribute EP from the Anthrax drummer is titled Moving Pitchers, which is a play on words to that of the 1981 Rush album Moving Pictures. This special release from the Anthrax drummer is limited to 1,500 copies; the EP includes five tracks (more details below), and includes such guests as Alex Skolnick (Testament), Roberto “Ra” Díaz (Suicidal Tendencies), Brandon Yeagley (Crobot), and Mee Eun Kim (Trans Siberian Orchestra).

On the EP’s back cover, the Anthrax drummer wrote the following:

“One year ago I had this idea to make a video while in quarantine. I was feeling pretty down about the passing of Neil Peart and about the Pandemic… I needed to be creative and play! I contacted Alex Skolnick (Testament) and Ra Diaz (Suicidal Tendencies) about doing a Rush song and video and they both liked the idea. We ended up doing YYZ. I felt that they were probably feeling the same way I was. and that this would be a great way of jamming and entertaining ourselves while we were stuck at home. The response to the initial video was overwhelming! It really made us feel good during a bad time. I then asked Brandon Yeagley (Crobot) to Sing on Freewill. Now it started to grow. The tunes were expanding musically and getting feedback!

“The last piece of the puzzle was Mee Eun Kim (Trans Siberian Orchestra). She does such a great job on Subdivisions.

“A whole year and a half!… I cant believe it’s been a year??

“2020 ended up being a year of making music, art and videos. I released Silver Linings, but didn’t include the Rush Songs. I wanted the Rush songs to be on their own EP.

“What you are holding in your hand is the culmination of emotion, determination, great friends, wonderful musicians and the love of Rush and of course Neil Peart.

“This is dedicated to the Professor.

“Thanks to – Andy Lagis, Asim Ali, Piero Medone and Carla Harvey for motivating me.”

Moving Pitchers track list:

1. Subdivisions
2. Red Barchetta
3. Freewill
4. La Villa Strangiato
5. YYZ

Will you be picking yourself up a copy?


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Words by: Michael Pementel