Watch: Rare Fan Footage Of Infamous Risqué Tool Show At Scientology Centre

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Today marks the 30th anniversary of the Tool Opiate EP. Released back in 1992, the Tool Opiate release featured seven songs. As the first major release to come from the band, Opiate would become the first step towards Tool’s remarkable stardom. With the release of the EP, the band picked up on playing more live shows, with one taking place at a Scientology Centre.

Back in 1993, Tool played at the Scientology Centre in Hollywood, CA. The rare fan-captured footage below shows the band performing the EP title song; the footage makes for a raw and intimate look at a band that would eventually go on to pack stadiums.

During Tool’s performance of “Opiate,” they invite a dancer on stage to join them. She and frontman Maynard James Keenan play off each other with sensual movements, Maynard eventually turning around and the dancer smacking his ass. Eventually, the dancer gets behind Maynard and, well, starts performing some other suggestive acts.

It is a surreal spectacle given how intimate of a showing this was (we mean, look how up close the footage is to the band), but also that this took place in a Scientology Centre. We don’t know what Scientology’s stance on hard rock or metal is, but we could probably assume they may not have been super crazy for how risqué and sensual this Tool performance got.

You can check out Tool’s risqué performance at the Scientology Centre below:

For the 30th anniversary of the Tool Opiate EP, the band recently announced a special edition of the EP. Per the Tool Instagram page, the following details were shared:

“Taking it back to the beginning, Tool celebrates the 30th anniversary of their first commercially-available release, Opiate, with a re-imagined and extended version of the EP’s title track and an accompanying short film. ‘Opiate2’ (pronounced Opiate Squared) is available via streaming services on March 1, with the Blu-ray only visual companion available on March 18 (pre-order link in bio).

“Visual artist @dominic_hailstone_ (‘Alien: Covenant’, ‘The Eel’) worked with Adam on the 10-plus minute film, which is the band’s first new video in 15 years. Dominic and Adam also collaborated on the filmed pieces featured on the current Fear Inoculum tour.”


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Words by: Michael Pementel