“I don’t say goodbye”: Watch Foo Fighters Drummer Taylor Hawkins’ Last Performance Before His Passing

Foo Fighters drummer
Taylor Hawkins photo: Creator: Scott Legato, Scott Legato | Credit: Getty Images, Copyright: 2021 Scott Legato
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The Foo Fighters drummer, Taylor Hawkins, has passed away. He was 50 years old. Prior to his passing, Hawkins and the band had played at Lollapalooza Argentina on March 20th. Hawkins passed at on March 25th.

Below, you can find footage of the Foo Fighters closing out their Lollapalooza performance with their hit song “Everlong.” Before the band start the song, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl addressed the crowd and said, “I don’t say goodbye. I don’t like to say goodbye. I know that we’ll always come back. If you come back, we’ll come back. Will you come back? If you come back, we’ll come back, so then I won’t have to say goodbye.” While this sentiment is quite sweet, it also rings with a great deal of melancholy, given that this would be Taylor Hawkins’ last show with the Foo Fighters.

Yesterday it was reported that Columbian police believed that the death of the Foo Fighters drummer may have been drug related. Hawkins was found dead in a hotel room at the Casa Medina in Bogota. An additional statement was provided later on that provided toxicology details of the Foo Fighters drummer.

Many artists and bands from the metal and rock communities have reached out on social media to share their condolences, memories, and love for Taylor Hawkins.

Oliver Taylor Hawkins was born February 17th, 1972. Prior to joining the Foo Fighters, from June of 1995 to March of 1997, Hawkins was the drummer for Alanis Morissette on her tours supporting Jagged Little Pill, as well as her Can’t Not tour.

Hawkins joined the Foo Fighters in time to be part of their third studio album, 1999’s There Is Nothing Left to Lose. As the Foo Fighters drummer, Hawkins provided his talent and skills to the band’s seven following studio albums. The band released a new metal album as of March 25th called Dream Widow.

Hawkins was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by Paul McCartney with Foo Fighters last year.

We send our love to Hawkins’ family, friends, and the band.


Words by: Michael Pementel