Ukraine’s Jinjer Have Put Their Music Career On Hold In Order To Help Their Country

Jinjer photo: Jinjer Facebook page
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*Update: Jinjer have cancelled all North American tour dates at this time.

Among the many bands and artists who have been commenting on what is taking place in Ukraine, the country’s own Jinjer have been very vocal on the matter. Earlier last week, the band posted a statement on Instagram that said the following:

“Dear all, as we write this text, for the moment, each member of JINJER and our families are safe and unhurt. We truly appreciate all our fans around the globe for caring, getting in touch and for all the sympathy and support for our band and more importantly our country.

As you all know, early this morning on February 24th, Putin started the war against the sovereign and independent #ukraine ! Please know that in this time we really depend on you, our fans in every country- to support Ukraine and peace in our country however you can- especially our fans in Russia, you and your opinion matter the most at this time.

NOTHING can justify the violence and death of innocents, and this is exactly what’s happening in our country right now.

Stop the war in Ukraine now!”


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Jinjer bassist Eugene Abdukhanov also provided a statement from the Instagram account:


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Now, as reported by The PRP, it looks like Jinjer may be putting their musical career on hold in order to help their country. An article over at the BBC features several Ukrainian artists, with them being asked about their struggles during this time. In that article, there is the following line: “Rock band Jinjer were due to tour the US in March, but have now put all music on hold.”

Abdukhanov has told the BBC that he has abandoned his day job to concentrate on the immediate humanitarian crisis. He is working on setting up a charity “to help the military, to help the civilians” and will be joining friends in running a shelter providing “food supplies, water [and] protection” for people displaced by the conflict.


Words by: Michael Pementel