“You know, we did reach out to…”: Testament Frontman Talks About The Other Drummers The Band Almost Hired

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Chuck Billy photo: Cecil (Wikimedia Commons) / Paul Bostaph photo: CucombreLibre (Wikimedia Commons)/ Chris Adler photo: Stefan Brending / CC BY-SA 3.0, Copyright: WWW.2EIGHT.DE STEFAN BRENDING (commons.wikimedia.org)/ Question mark image: PlatformerKing (Wikimedia Commons)
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Testament frontman Chuck Billy recently shared some drummers the band were considering to replace Gene Hoglan with when Hoglan left the band. While Slayer veteran Dave Lombardo is now currently drumming for the band, the Testament frontman says that the band’s future could have included a different Slayer veteran, or that of a Lamb of God veteran.

In a new interview with Zero Hour Squared’s Mike Trujillo, the Testament frontman spoke to who else the band were considering to take on the role of band drummer. Per Chuck Billy himself:

“You know, we did reach out to Paul [Bostaph] – Paul got back to us later after Dave committed. But, you know, there’s a lot of great drummers, we got a lot of great drummers – and the one that was right there, if he had made the decision, we probably almost would have chosen him before Dave even contacted us, because we were putting our feelers out before the announcement.

“But Chris Adler was one guy who was ready to step up and come in, and then, just the last minute [he] came out to – he just wasn’t ready to do that.

“And so we’re like, Okay, back to the drawing board. And then we made the announcement. And then Dave got a hold of us. So, you know, it worked out great. We’ve had – Dave came up about three or four weeks ago, we had a week of rehearsals, and then he came up about two weeks [ago], we’ll go for another week of rehearsals, and then he’ll be up here next week for the final rehearsals with us. And it was just fun hanging out. You know, just catching up. And, you know, so it just felt like, you know, putting on an old pair of shoes he hadn’t worn in a while.”

Either way – whether we’re talking Lombardo, Bostaph, or Adler – it looks like Testament had some amazing drummers in mind! What do you think about the choice the band ended up going with? Are you glad they picked Dave Lombardo, or would you have liked to have seen Testament go with Bostaph or Adler?

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Words by: Michael Pementel