“Snot loved you, man”: Snot Guitarist Call Out Limp Bizkit Vocalist Over Upcoming Tour

Limp Bizkit vocalist
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You may have heard that Limp Bizkit vocalist Fred Durst and the band are heading out on tour in the near future. The Still Sucks tour includes metalcore act Dying Wish, hardcore group Scowl, rappers $not and Yung Gravy, and U.K. electro-metal act Wargasm. However, one of those acts has provoked some disgruntled words from ’90s nu metal band Snot.

The ‘90s nu metal band Snot were apparently close with that of the Limp Bizkit vocalist and the band. Snot guitarist, Mikey Doling, recently called out the Limp Bizkit vocalist for choosing the rapper $not over the nu metal band.

Doling shared a video via social media calling out Durst (but that video has since been deleted). As transcribed by Blabbermouth, the following from Doling is directed at the Limp Bizkit vocalist and the band:

“Mikey Doling here from the real Snot. I’m making this video because there is a young rapper kid out there calling himself $not. I heard about him about a year and a half ago. [I] didn’t think nothing of it because he was in the hip-hop world, rapper — different worlds altogether. Well, now he has stepped into our lane, and I need to address it.

“Limp Bizkit just posted [dates for] a new tour, and they are taking this rapper kid named $not on tour with them,” he continued. “And I wanted to say to [Limp Bizkit frontman] Fred Durst, if you see this video, how dare you, man? You were friends with Snot. Snot loved you, man. You came onstage with us and performed. Lynn [Strait, late Snot frontman] went on stage with you in Boston. And you know the incident I’m talking about. We were friends. We shared drinks, stage, music [and] all that, and all these years later you take an artist named $not on tour with you? What the fuck is that, man? Bullshit.”

“So, yeah. I had to address it,” Doling added. “That’s my two cents. And to that fake $not kid — [extends middle finger] right there, brother. There’s only one fucking Snot. Get some.”

Do you think Durst should have shown some love to nu metal Snot?


Words by: Michael Pementel