Slipknot Tortilla Man Talks Hiding His Identity, Joining Band, + More During Reddit AMA

Slipknot Tortilla Man
Slipknot Tortilla Man photo: Alexandria Crahan Conway
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Yesterday, the identity of the Slipknot Tortilla Man was revealed. The Slipknot Tortilla Man replaced that of Chris Fehn when the latter exited the band back in 2019. In a new Instagram post from the band’s official account (posted yesterday), the Slipknot Tortilla Man was revealed to be none other than Michael Pfaff. The percussionist/vocalist was part of M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan’s side project Dirty Little Rabbits in the past.

During that Reddit AMA, Praff revealed some really cool inside details about his career with Slipknot. Answering fan questions, he spoke to hiding his identity, how he was approached to join Slipknot, what Slipknot song he would love to play live, and much more. You can find some of the questions asked of the Slipknot Tortilla Man below:

How did you react to the journey reddit & other forms of media had on finding out who you were irl when you were still “Tortilla Man”?

“It was the best. Watching it all unfold was amazing. The theories, the detectives. amazing.”

How hard was it to keep your identity secret when you first joined the band? Were you allowed to tell anyone, or just the band and family?

“It was pretty hard. These days everybody is on the internet and has a phone….you could tell a person at the grocery store and the next thing you know it’s on the internet. I flew to LA twice before my wife even knew.”

How did (I assume Shawn) approach you and asked you to join the band? How did you feel when you were asked to fill in for Chris?

“The short answer is I got a phone call while I was working my day job. The story is pretty epic and I hope to share it soon:)”

Prior to joining the band, when did you first become aware of Slipknot?

“I literally remember being in the restroom in 1998 and seeing an article about the band in the Des Moines Register. I am an Iowan, so I knew what was up.”

Anything you can tell us about the upcoming new album?

“Probably shouldn’t.”

Favorite meal that has a tortilla in it that you’ve eaten on the road so far?

“Im a chicken fajita guy. Flour tortilla”

What has been your overall favourite moment on tour or in the studio?

“There have been a lot but I’m gonna try to give a tangible answer: my first performance was Jimmy Kimmel and it happened to be on my birthday so that was pretty epic.”

What’s one deep cut you want the band to play live?


Was there any inspiration behind your mask?

“Yes. That story will come out as well. Short answer, it was a mold of my face flipped inside out.”

You can find the full Reddit AMA with the Slipknot Tortilla Man here.


Words by: Michael Pementel