Rock Band Cloakroom Team Up With NASCAR For Specially Designed Race Car

Cloakroom Dale Earnhardt Jr. NASCAR car: Designed by Lefty Designs. NASCAR. (Cloakroom Twitter)
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Cloakroom have teamed up with NASCAR for one hell of a collaboration. There are many ways for bands to promote themselves or an upcoming record, but a race car being designed in the likeness of album artwork? That we have to see.

To promote the release of their new album Dissolution Wave, Cloakroom teamed up with NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. for a car designed in the likeness of the Dissolution Wave album cover. The design work was done by Lefty Designs.

In a tweet regarding this design, Lefty Designs shared:

“I was recently approached to take part in a design project with @Myndfuneral to celebrate the release of new album Dissolution Wave. The end result was my visual representation of their brand new album art laid out onto the Next Gen Camaro.”

Dale Earnhardt Jr. retweeted that tweet, adding the following:

“Always solid Lefty. Bandmate @BobbyMarkos has done lots of work for @DirtyMoMedia Losts Speedways.”

Cloakroom also tweet’d some additional images of the car:

We have to say, a race car devoted to promoting a band is pretty sick! What are some fun collaborations you’ve seen when it comes to sports and music?

Cloakroom formed in 2012. Their music is a blend of shoegaze, sludge metal, some space rock, and includes some post-hardcore elements. The band consists of Doyle Martin (lead vocals/guitar), Tim Remis (vocals/drums), and Bobby Markos (bass).

At the time of this writing, the band have released three studio albums. Their debut album, Further Out, was released in 2015. Dissolution Wave, released this past January, is not only their third studio album, but also an extra special release for the band, as Cloakroom are celebrating their 10th anniversary together.


Words by: Michael Pementel