Rammstein Vocalist Helps Ukrainian Refugee Fleeing Country

Rammstein vocalist
Till Lindemann photo: Simone Cecchetti/Corbis via Getty Images
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As reported by Loudwire, a couple days ago, Rammstein vocalist Till Lindemann helped an Ukrainian citizen fleeing the country. The refugee, Alisa Komm, ended up at the Berlin train station, where she would end up bumping into the Rammstein vocalist; Lindemann then assisted her by getting her a place to stay in Germany.

Loudwire confirmed with Rammstein’s reps that an Instagram post shared by rapper Potap is accurate; the post shares Alisa’s story.

As translated by Google Translate via Metal Addicts, the following comes from Potap sharing Alisa’s story. Just before meeting Lindemann, Alisa was having difficulty finding an available hotel.


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A post shared by Oleksii Potapenko (@realpotap)

“I feel bad, I want to cry. We approach another volunteer. I explain the situation. He says we will decide now. And then …! Till comes up with Jessica (Till‘s director), they are talking about something with a volunteer. I can’t believe that in front of me in the midst of all this apocalypse is the lead singer of Rammstein in a fashionable coat, no less fashionable shoes and a hat from Mozgi. He has terribly kind and beautiful eyes.”

The Rammstein vocalist and his director Jessica worked to secure and pay for Alisa’s hotel. The story continues:

“Jessica gives me her number and tells me to call if I need anything. I want to cry. Kissed Tilly 3 times. He is embarrassed. I tell him that I used to love Britney Spears and now I love Rammstein. He sincerely laughs.”

That is a really powerful act of kindness Till!

With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Rammstein have been one of the many bands to speak up and voice their feelings about what is taking place.

Last week, Rammstein announced that their upcoming album Zeit, would be released April 29th. The self-titled track off the album has been released, which you can check out below:


Words by: Michael Pementel