Pantera Used To Play Drinking Games With Cops, Because Of Course They Did

Pantera photo: Joe Giron / Beverly Hills police car photo: Tony Hisgett (Wikimedia Commons)
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Pantera recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of their 1992 album Vulgar Display Of Power. During the time of that record’s creation, the band got into some wild hijinks and intense partying; so much so that the cops got involved – in the partying that is.

In an interview with Revolver to celebrate Vulgar Display Of Power’s anniversary, band vocalist Phil Anselmo and band bassist Rex Brown shared how they would play a drinking game called “Twist and Hurl” during recording sessions.

In that interview, as transcribed by Ultimate Guitar, the two Pantera members share what that game involved, as well as a time that the cops got in on the game.

Phil Anselmo: “It was a game and there was this dead-end sign where – there was a studio right here, we would jam inside the studio, step outside of the studio, [there was a] little parking lot. And we were at the very end of the dead-end street. And there was this dead-end sign at the end of the street.

“So, the game was: chug the beer, spin around, and hum it at the damn sign. I guess we we woke up some neighbors.”

Rex Brown: “Yeah, we got the cops coming out, and we became friends with them at a certain point, you know, they were just: ‘We’re tired of coming out here.’ [We asked them] ‘Y’all wanna do it?’ and this one cop did this one time towards the end. Dime had even spray-painted a fucking X and, you know, [a] little spot you stood in on the pavement in front of the studio. But you know, it’s pretty much at that point – his old man had taken over. His dad was an engineer there for years, and that’s where we grew up as kids.”

That sure sounds like a wild time!

We recently interviewed Phil Anselmo for our celebration of Vulgar Display Of Power. Over the course of a few articles, we shared exclusive video footage of our interview with the vocalist, as well as premiered exclusive HD remastered music videos of classic Pantera tracks. Our premieres involve, “This Love,” “Mouth For War,” and “Walk.”


Words by: Michael Pementel