Pop-Punk Goes Metal? A New Sum 41 Album Involves The Band Going Metal

Sum 41 album
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There’s a new Sum 41 album on the way and it’s – metal? This we have to hear.

If you aren’t familiar, Sum 41 is a Canadian rock/pop-punk band. Some of their more well-known singles include that of “In Too Deep” and “Motivation,” songs that are catchy and  heavy in their own right. The band has been known to include some metal elements in their material there and then. That said, it looks like the band are looking to introduce more metal into their new record.

The new Sum 41 album is actually a double album titled Heaven And Hell. Via an interview with Rolling Stone, Sum 41 vocalist and guitarist Deryck Whibley shared that the band’s nostalgic pop-punk material would make up the Heaven side and the metal material would appear on the Hell side. Whibley said the Hell side features “tracks closer to the band’s most recent sound.” He also shared that the new record came out when Universal asked him for any rarities he might have from the band’s 2001 album All Killer No Filler. He didn’t have any rarities, so he started writing songs in the vein of All Killer No Filler.

Whibley shared, “Once I had about four or five songs, I was like ‘You know what? I like all these. I’m not giving these to anybody.” He also added “As I listened to almost all of it, it just kind of dawned on me, ‘Did I just make a double record by accident?'”

Do you think Sum 41 can pull off a heavier metal sound? We guess we’ll see what the band have in store when the new Sum 41 album, Heaven And Hell, releases.

At the time of this writing, Sum 41 have released seven studio albums. All Killer No Filler is the band’s debut studio release; their most recent record is that of 2019’s Order in Decline.


Words by: Michael Pementel