New Slipknot Album Involves Sounds From Outer Space! Slipknot DJ Sampled Different Moons For New Album

new Slipknot album
Corey Taylor photo: Steve Thrasher / Outer space planets photo: ESO (Wikimedia Commons)
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The new Slipknot album appears it will involve a lot more than just crushing and entertaining metal. In a conversation with Full Metal Jackie, Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson talked about how the new Slipknot album samples “different moons around different planets within our solar system.”

The Slipknot DJ began by talking about the development of the new Slipknot album, sharing:

“The development of this album happened a lot during touring. We have a portable studio set up with us, so a lot of ideas get put down in the studio room backstage. In a way, we’re touring and touring and getting further and further from earth.”

Regarding the outer space sampling that appears on the new Slipknot album, Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson shared the following:

“So I actually dove into a lot of samples from different moons around different planets within our solar system to kind of translate the amount of travel we were doing and also bringing it back down to earth for everyone to listen to. So my sound selection was a little more off-planet than normal.”

Without a doubt that has to be one of the most surreal things we’ve heard in metal news as of lately. “Sampling outer space”? Damn that is wild!

At the time of this writing we still do not have a release date for that new Slipknot album. In a recent conversation with Doug Bradley on his show Down To Hell, Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor spoke about the current status of the new Slipknot album.

As transcribed by Blabbermouth, Taylor said the following about the upcoming album:

“We don’t have a hard date yet ’cause we’re lazy and we’re still mixing the damn thing. I can tell you it’s completely recorded and we’re about halfway through mixing it. So, to me, I would say probably two or three months [from now]. That’s my ballpark. I’m hoping; I’m gonna push to get it out then — maybe summertime sometime.”

Until that album arrives, we’re going to be sitting here wondering what outer space must sound like!

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Words by: Michael Pementel