New Primus Music Is On The Way! Les Claypool Says 3-Track EP Will Feature A 13 Minute Song

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New Primus music is coming! As reported by Metal Injection, Primus frontman Les Claypool says the band have a new three-track EP on the way. This EP will be the first new Primus music from the band since their 2017 studio album, The Desaturating Seven.

The EP will feature a 13-minute song called “Conspiranoia.” In an interview with Kyle Meredith, the bassist/vocalist said that Primus’ rehearsals for their upcoming Rush covers tour really got the gears turning again.

Per Claypool regarding the new Primus music:

“Basically, what I wanted to do was record one giant song, which we did. But you can’t just release one song, so we had to have a b-side. We recorded another song but the first song was so giant that we had to do two [other] songs. So now we’re doing a three-song 12-inch single.”

“We didn’t have a lot of time to make a full-blown album. But also, how many people are open to us playing a full-blown album live these days? We’ve got the Rush stuff, we’ve got all our stuff and when you go see a band you’ve been seeing for many years, often watching them go and play a bunch of new songs isn’t necessarily what you [want]. But trickling in a few new songs… that way we can actually play these things live and we’re not burying people with all this music they don’t know.”

Also in the interview, Claypool said he had to re-write the lyrics to “Conspiranoia” sometime after his son called them a little preachy. Claypool shared, “It’s more me, but it took my son pointing that out to do it …I still have things to say but I say it through these characters.”

You can watch the full interview with Primus frontman Les Claypool below:

Are you excited for new Primus music?

In other Primus related news, the band will be playing alongside Ween for a special South Park related concert. The show is taking place on August 10th at the Red Rocks Park Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado. If you didn’t know, Primus are responsible for the TV show’s theme song.

Primus + Ween To Play Special Concert To Celebrate 25th Anniversary Of South Park