Listen: The Foo Fighters Metal Album Is Easily One Of Heaviest Records Of The Year Thus Far

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DAMN, the Foo Fighters metal album is ridiculously good! As a companion piece of sorts to the Foo Fighters horror-comedy movie, Studio 666, the Foo Fighters metal album Dream Widow is a pure rush of thrash and stoner metal bliss.

Talking to Rolling Stone last month about the new album, band frontman Dave Grohl said, “It will be the lost album. It’ll be the album they were making before he fucking killed the entire band.” This is pertaining to the music that Dream Widow – the fictional band in Studio 666 – were working on.

In the same article, Grohl shared that growing up “a fucking Eighties thrash-metal kid” will play a heavy inspiration. When it comes to some other influences for the album, Grohl said, “I have my favorites. You’ll hear a lot of those influences in ‘Lacrimus dei Ebrius’ [a 13-minute metal epic performed in the film] because for that song, I put maybe four or five of these sections together in this big, long thing. Some of it sounds like [doom-metal pioneers] Trouble; some of it sounds like Corrosion of Conformity; some of it has a Kyuss vibe.”

You can certainly hear those influences throughout the album. There’s also a little bit of Slayer in there. The eight tracks that make up Dream Widow are incredible – Foo Fighters may have possibly made one of the best metal albums of the year. Seriously, we’re hooked. Here’s hoping the band is down to do more material like this.

You can listen to the Foo Fighters metal album Dream Widow via Spotify and other platforms, as well as check out each song below. A physical release of Dream Widow will be available at a later date. What are your thoughts on the Foo Fighters metal album? Studio 666 is also available to rent as well; if you haven’t checked out this horror-comedy yet, don’t miss out it! It is an absolute blast.


Words by: Michael Pementel

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