Russia’s Slaughter To Prevail Share A Clip + Lyrics Of New Anti-War Song

Slaughter To Prevail
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Slaughter To Prevail have already taken to social media to denounce the war happening in Ukraine, and now it looks like the band are teasing an anti-war song. Early in the morning of February 24th (6AM Moscow time / 5AM in Kyiv), Russia launched an invasion against Ukraine. Many musicians have been reaching out via social media to provide their support of Ukraine and call out Russian president Vladimir Putin for his actions.

As of a couple weeks ago, Slaughter To Prevail posted the following message on their Facebook page:

“No to war! Our band has nothing to do with politics, we do not take sides. We are for all peaceful inhabitants of this world and for world peace. We do not accept ANY military action. We wish all of you and your loved ones, relatives and friends to stay safe and hope this nightmare ends as soon as possible.”


Last week, band frontman Aleksandr “Alex Terrible” Shikolai (Александр Шиколай) released an official statement on the band’s behalf regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This statement comes from the band’s social media accounts. In the video statement, which you can find below, Shikolai introduces himself and talks about how the band is against any war.



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As of just a little while ago today though, Shikolai posted the following video clip via his Instagram account:


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In the caption to the video, he wrote the following lyrics:

“what if it’s all about you?
what if these tears are shed at your house too?
you will smear this shit on the white walls
in your own house with your fam
conscience is DEAD
I see the marching troops
hurts… but I see friends there have no face have no fate
can’t figure out you’re a dumb or what?
death and pain trails behind the crowd
what is it all about?

“Please stop the violence
please stop the bloodshed on earth
look into the eyes of children who are scared and remember remember yourself
Please stop the violence
please stop the bloodshed on earth
my brother ! my brother !
anger will live in memory! anger will live and prevail !”

A small portion of the caption also includes the text, “In process…”

Given how vocal the band and Shikolai have been denouncing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it seems these lyrics are hinting at a Slaughter To Prevail anti-war song.

Slaughter To Prevail is based in Yekaterinburg, the fourth-largest city in Russia, so that is one hell of a move on their part to create a song calling out the horrifying conflict taking place in Ukraine.


Words by: Michael Pementel