Metalcore Act Kublai Khan TX Share Thoughts On Viral Video Of Actress Kate Beckinsale Listening To Their Music

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Kate Beckinsale photo: Tony Shek, Creator: Picasa 2.7 (Wikimedia Commons) / Kublai Khan TX photo: @gabethepigeon (Kublai Khan TX Facebook)
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Actress Kate Beckinsale is known by many to be a bad ass action star. Many moviegoers were introduced to Kate Beckinsale through her work with the Underworld movies. But while folks primarily know her for her acting, it came to a surprise to many that actress Kate Beckinsale is quite the fan of metalcore music.

Early this past February, a video was posted of actress Kate Beckinsale listening to that of metalcore act Kublai Khan TX. Beckinsale shared on her Instagram a fun little get together she had with Nina Kate – actress and latex fetishwear designer – that involved the two coloring while listening to the band.

It was a surreal moment of two worlds coming together– one of movie actress and one of gritty metalcore music. But Beckinsale sharing the video made for a fun surprise and further evidence that anyone can be a metalhead. The video also brought more attention to that of Kublai Khan TX, with band frontman Matt Honeycutt appreciating the highlight.

In a new interview with Metal Injection, Honeycutt was asked about the video from actress Kate Beckinsale and what he thought about it. Per the interview:

[Metal Injection]: “A weird pivot, but thinking about the Kate Beckinsale thing. That was all over the internet for a while: Kate Beckinsale listening to Kublai Khan. Fantastic for the band, great promotion in an odd way, but also a strange headline. A strange thing to even care about. Where are you on something like that?”

[Matt Honeycutt]: “That situation in particular was extremely peculiar to me because watching the video and trying to understand the context, I still don’t understand what exactly is happening. I think it’s cool that her and her friend are enjoying our music. That’s obviously a large portion of why it was written is for people’s enjoyment however you see fit, and I’m perfectly cool with that. To be honest with you I remembered her name. I knew Kate Beckinsale. And whenever people were texting me about it, I was like wait, whoa, shit. That’s actually pretty crazy. That’s pretty cool.

“It’s one of those things, man. In a week nobody’s going to remember. That’s just the way that media flows now. So while you’re in the moment man, just live it up. Those couple of days are pretty cool. A lot of people were talking about it and it probably gained us some fans that probably would have never seen us otherwise. And if I could shake her hand and say thanks I would, cause that definitely is cool. I’m glad that she enjoys it. I’m just glad anybody enjoys it, like you said. So it was peculiar, but cool. I’ll put it that way.”

You can read the full Metal Injection interview via this link here. You can also watch the video of actress Kate Beckinsale listening to Kublai Khan TX below:


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Words by: Michael Pementel