Kiss’s Gene Simmons Calls Putin A Liar, Joins Other Artists In Support For Ukraine

Vladimir Putin photo: The Presidential Press and Information Office (Wikimedia Commons) / Gene Simmons photo: Tilly antoine (Wikimedia Commons)
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Between Dee Snider, Slaughter To Prevail, and Ukraine’s very own Jinjer, many artists have been speaking out regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – and now Gene Simmons of Kiss has something to say.

Yesterday, February 28th, the Kiss bassist took to his Twitter account to speak out against the accusations made towards Ukraine Prime Minister, Volodymyr Zelenskyy – specifically that he is a Nazi. These accusations have been made by none other than Russian president Vladimir Putin. Per other sources, Simmons is not the only one to criticize Putin on these accusations.

In Simmons’ tweet, he says that accusing Prime Minister Zelensky as a Nazi is “stunning,” given that the PM is Jewish and lost his family during World War 2.

Here is Simmons’ tweet in whole:

“The outright lie from Mr. Putin accusing @Ukrain PM Zelensky of being a Nazi is stunning, considering that PM Zelensky is actually Jewish and lost his entire family to Nazi Germany during WWII.”

This past Sunday, Simmons also wrote a tweet expressing prayers and support for the people of Ukraine. His full tweet reads as:

“Our prayers and support go out to the brave people of @Ukraine …..Former Ukraine president confirms the ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ is real!”

The Kiss bassist is among other rockers who have been very vocal of their support of Ukraine. Machine Head guitarist Waclaw “Vogg” Kieltyka recently shared a post on Instagram of him and others helping to bring supplies to Ukrainian citizens fleeing from the country. Russia’s own Slaughter To Prevail – though they do not mention any party explicitly – said on their Facebook that, “We do not accept ANY military action.” The band released an official statement on the conflict today.

And of course, Dee Snider recently provided his approval of the Ukrainian people using the Twisted Sister song “We’re Not Gonna Take It” as a “battlecry;” he would later go on to clarify his approval of the song being used.


Words by: Michael Pementel