“It’s Batman’s voice….not Robin”: Kiss Bassist Criticizes ‘The Batman’

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Gene Simmons photo: Alberto Cabello (Wikimedia Commons ) / The Batman image: Warner Bros. Pictures
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Kiss bassist Gene Simmons is rarely shy to voice his opinion on something, and while he’s had plenty to say about Russian president Vladimir Putin and rapper Kanye West as of lately, Simmons has made some recent comments regarding The Batman.

The Batman, released earlier this month on the 4th and has been doing incredibly well in theatres. As of March 16th, the Kiss bassist tweet’d out some thoughts he had on the film, particularly commenting on its runtime and that of Batman’s voice. Batman/Bruce Wayne is played by Robert Pattinson. While many big movies can clock in at an hour and a half, sometimes up to two and a half hours – The Batman movie is roughly just under three hours.

Per Simmons’ tweet, he wrote:

“THE BATMAN, is a solid 2 hour movie. Unfortunately, it’s 3 hrs long. Cut out the fat in the middle and it works…Batman is an 8 out of 10, IF you dub Batman’s voice…need a thicker and lower register voice. After all, it’s Batman’s voice….not Robin, the Boy Wonder! What say you?”

If you’ve seen The Batman, what are your thoughts on its runtime and Pattinson’s performance as the Cape Crusader?

The Kiss bassist recently made some comments about Russian president Vladimir Putin, pertaining to some things the president said about Ukrainian Prime Minister, Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Simmons also recently commented on the drama taking place between rapper Kanye West, his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, and that of comedian/SNL star Pete Davidson.

In Batman related news, the film has been doing wonders for the Nirvana camp, specifically because of the Nirvana song “Something In The Way.” The track is not only featured in the film a couple times, but also served as somewhat of an inspiration for The Batman. Since The Batman movie’s release, streaming of the Nirvana song “Something In The Way” has increased drastically.

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Words by: Michael Pementel