“I’m honored that people still care”: Killswitch Engage Frontman Talks Favorite New Bands + Being An Artist In 2022

Killswitch Engage frontman
Jesse Leach photo: Miikka Skaffari/FilmMagic
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As part of Rhino Records’ Metal March celebration this month, we had the opportunity to talk with none other than Killswitch Engage frontman Jesse Leach.

Last week, we featured two parts of our interview with Jesse. In part one, the Killswitch Engage frontman talked about his all-time favorite Roadrunner Records albums; the label released Killswitch Engage’s Alive or Just Breathing, which will celebrate its 20th anniversary later this year. In part two, Jesse talked about his all-time favorite metal vocalists, which included him gushing over that of Cannibal Corpse vocalist George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher.

All of that brings us to today, where we have the conclusion of our interview with Jesse to share with you. That said, rather than end things with one cool video, we thought we’d throw in another as well!

In part three of our interview with the Killswitch Engage frontman, he shares with us what newer bands he’s super into. Among the acts today he’s really enjoying, he mentions Rivers of Nihil, Unto Others , and Terminal Nation, just to name a few. In part four of our interview with Jesse, he talks about being an artist in 2022, his career, and speaks to the anniversary of the band’s 2002 album, Alive or Just Breathing.

You can find part three and part four of our interview with Jesse below:

We hope you enjoyed this exclusive interview of ours with Jesse Leach of Killswitch Engage!

Keep a look out down the road as we near that anniversary of Alive or Just Breathing – The Pit has some cool things in store to celebrate this landmark metalcore album. Among the bands from the early 2000s that would forever change the metal landscape, there’s no way you can’t bring up Killswitch Engage.

Our friends at Rhino Records are celebrating Metal March this month by going live all month-long w/ a 24 hour stream of iconic metal tunes, old & new. Listen below:


Jesse Leach Of Killswitch Engage Gushes Over Cannibal Corpse Vocalist + Talks All-Time Favorite Metal Vocalists


Words by: Michael Pementel