Watch: Guitarist Plays Loud Music To Protest Dental Practice + Twitter User Comes To His Aide

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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When it comes to protest, some folks take to social media, some march in the streets, and some stand outside their neighborhood dental practice and play guitar. The latter so happens to be the case for one guitarist who had a not so pleasant time at Western Dental.

Per Twitter user @ferngalvin, they shared a video of the protesting guitarist. The caption to their video reads, “wtf western dental do to this man.” Upon coming across the guitarist, ferngalvin sees the guy playing while going to pick up a sign; the guitarist holds the sign in the air, said sign reading: “Western Dental Sucks.”

ferngalvin was apparently impressed by the guitarist’s performance. Per the Twitter thread associated with the video (which you can find below), the Twitter user wrote the following tweets:

“No fr now I want the whole band out there”

“Also this is impressive as fuck, we need to help this man got out there”

But then, things take a very interesting, heartwarming turn.

ferngalvin apparently was able to track down the guitarist via Twitter, adding to their thread:

“GUYS HES @PokelanYT”

Upon some looking around, the guitarist has a YouTube channel with his son where they make comedic videos and open up packs of Pokémon cards. Per the guitarist’s Twitter bio:

“Just my son and I opening Pokémon cards and making funny videos. Look for us on YouTube and if you like our videos consider subscribing to our channel.”

It then seems like ferngalvin reached out to the guitarist and learned more about why he decided to protest the Western Dental. This is what ferngalvin added to the thread:

“So apparently his son might be needing another surgical procedure done after they botched the first one…”

ferngalvin must’ve offered to help out the guitarist – whose name is Layne Barton – because ferngalvin then shared an image of Barton’s Venom QR code. The Twitter user then said, “This is his Venmo @PokelaneYT.”

Isn’t that just wholesome as hell? You can find the whole Twitter thread below, as well as Barton’s Venmo QR code.



Words by: Michael Pementel