Goregrind + Grindcore Bands Come Together To Promote Special Shirt And Raise Money For Ukraine

"Grindcore United Against War" shirt: Dirk Verbeuren (https://www.benighted.fr/produit/grindcore-united-against-war/) / Ukrainian flag: Volks Das Auto (Wikimedia Commons)
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In an effort to help the Ukrainian people, a bunch of goregrind and grindcore bands have come together for a special charity.

Since Russia’s attack on the country (which began in the early hours of February 24th), many Ukrainian citizens have been either fleeing the country or fighting back. This war is horrifying and causing tremendous suffering for the Ukrainian people.

Several artists and celebrities have been making efforts to help the Ukrainian people. Jack Osbourne, son of Ozzy Osbourne, recently shared via Instagram that he traveled to help Ukrainian refugees; Machine Head guitarist Waclaw “Vogg” Kieltyka and Rammstein vocalist Till Lindemann have also contributed to helping out Ukrainian citizens. Ukrainian metal act Jinjer have also been running a special charity where fans can purchase specially designed shirts from the band – the proceeds going to Ukrainian charities.

Now goregrind and grindcore bands are stepping in to help out the country.

As shared by the Facebook page of the Belgium death metal-grindcore act Aborted :

“22 bands together on this bad ass “Grindcore United Against War” shirt. Spearheaded by our brothers in Benighted, Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition and Megadeth (+ ‘Goremageddon’!) drummer Dirk Verbeuren. All sales will go entirely towards an association that helps the people suffering in Ukraine. Grab yours now and show them some love.”

The shirt, which you can find a larger image of below, includes awesome graphic art on the front, and on the back – the name of every goregrind and grindcore band who is part of the collaboration. Some of the bands involved include:

Bent Sea
Coffin Feeder
Blockheads Grindcore
Guinea Pig
GUT Grindcore
Massive Charge
Kill Division
Terrorizer LA
Leng Tch’e
Rotten Sound
And there are more. Goregrind and grindcore are some of metal’s most extreme genres, and it is heartwarming as hell to see all these bands come together for a good cause. If you are interested in supporting “Grindcore United Against War,” you can purchase one of the specially designed shirts via this link here.
What are your favorite goregrind and grindcore bands?
Words by: Michael Pementel