Ghost Frontman Talks Covering The Metallica Song “Enter Sandman” To Support Trans Youth

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Ghost photo: © / CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( (Wikimedia Commons)/ James Hetfield & Kirk Hammett photo: Kreepin Deth (Wikimedia Commons)
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In an interview with Revolver, Ghost frontman Tobias Forge talks about the band covering the Metallica song “Enter Sandman” in an effort to support Trans youth.

Sometime ago, Ghost were invited to be part of The Metallica Blacklist covers compilation; a compilation that involves Metallica songs from their Black Album. Of the songs available on the Metallica Black Album, Ghost covered the band’s song “Enter Sandman.” The band have been playing the song on tour as well. In the interview with Revolver, in discussing The Metallica Blacklist compilation, J. Bennett brings up to Forge how there’s a charity component to the compilation; Forge then goes into detail regarding what that involves and the charity the band decided to support.

Per the Revolver interview between J. Bennet and Ghost frontman Tobias Forge:


“[Tobias Forge]: Yes, they also asked us to pick a charity to support. I had heard about this organization called Camp Aranu’tiq that was organizing summer camps for transgender kids. I felt that was a cool little connection because the track is being sung to a child, and also has that threatening but comforting hand being sort of held over the kid. So, it felt like, “Fuck yeah — that’s something we can completely support.” And the way royalties flow, the more we play it live, the more money is generated for them, so we knew we had to play it on this tour. Every time we play it, more revenue ends up in their hands to allow these kids to go to these camps. Many of these kids don’t dare to be themselves where they live, so these camps are good for that.

“[J. Bennet/Revolver]: WHAT A FANTASTIC CAUSE.

“[Tobias Forge]: It’s ironic because we’re dressing up to become what we want to become. We have to transform. So that’s an additional little connection there. And I love the song, and we’re doing it for the kids.”

That is real awesome of Ghost! We love to see music being used for a good cause! You can click here to learn more about Camp Aranu’tiq. You can also listen to the Ghost cover of the Metallica song “Enter Sandman” below. We also recently interviewed the Ghost frontman and talked about the success of the new album Impera, his creative process, and cinema.


Words by: Michael Pementel