Ghost Frontman Announces A Trilogy Of Music Videos In Support Of Impera

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Ghost frontman Tobias Forge has shared that the band will be releasing a trilogy of new music videos in support of the new Ghost album Impera.

In a new interview with Viktor Wilt of Idaho’s KCVI radio station, Ghost frontman Tobias Forge said that the Swedish rock act are working on three music videos for “Call Me Little Sunshine,” “Twenties,” and “Watcher In The Sky.” Forge provided this news after being asked whether he had already picked out a song from the new Ghost album to be the next single. His statement is below:

Short answer: yes,” says Forge. “I just don’t know exactly… Sometimes there’s a difference between — obviously, you in radio know that — the songs that we release as singles and the ones that are singles that we push with a video and all that stuff.

“Right now I know what we’re hoping to do a little bit later in the year. Long story short, we’re making sort of a trilogy of videos for ‘Call Me Little Sunshine,’ ‘Twenties’ [and] ‘Watcher In The Sky.’

“And that is sort of in the making. So it might be that that is sort of a different piece; that might be a different thing that comes out sort of separate to a radio campaign, whereas obviously we have our eye on what we’re gonna do towards the fall in terms of what song we’re making a video for right now and so forth.”

We recently spoke to Ghost frontman Tobias Forge about the success of the new Ghost album, as well as his creative process, passion for cinema, and whether rock still has a dangerous vibe to it today. When asked whether he feels or not that rock still has a dangerous vibe today, Forge shared the following:

“…I think that sometimes – I don’t know if it’s a typical metal thing – metal has this sort of high horse; either it’s anti-intellectualism, where it’s supposed to be “just metal,” or it has this high horse sort of idea of lyrics and themes having to be so serious. I believe in humor, I believe in classical entertainment values. Oscar Wilde wrote a lot cynical, really mean, serious shit, but it was always written in a very funny way. So, you sort of end up laughing about these horrible things that he said. I think that it’s important to combine “sweet and savory,” you need to do that.”

You can read our full interview with the Ghost frontman below by clicking the link.

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Words by: Michael Pementel