Every Time I Die Working On New Music? Who Is Covering Vocal Duty?

Every Time I Die
Every Time I Die photo: Every Time I Die Facebook page/ Question mark image: PlatformerKing (Wikimedia Commons)
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Back in January, it was reported that metalcore band Every Time I Die were breaking up. What followed was a whirlwind of different band members chiming in with their side of the story. Ex-Every Time I Die vocalist Keith Buckley shared a legal document online regarding the break-up; band bassist Steve Micciche released a lengthy account of Buckley’s “unhinged demands and behavior.” Buckley also opened up about some personal issues he has been struggling with, as well as speaking to the future of the band.

Well, speaking of the future of Every Time I Die – it looks like something is taking place with the other members.

Via an Instagram post, lead guitarist Jordan Buckley posted a photo of him and the other members of Every Time I Die in a small room with the following caption: “Yo how fuckin dope is it that the only person who knows what our new parts sound like is the dude that was staying at our Air BNB this week?! 😄 Thanks for letting us practice Connor! You fuckin rule!”

The jam space apparently belongs to a Connor, who has allowed the band to use the room for their “new parts.” Is the band creating a new song? A new album? Only time will tell, but it is interesting to hear that they are together and working on something. There are no other details at this time, including Keith Buckley’s involvement (or total lack of).

If Keith Buckley isn’t involved, then who might be covering vocal duty for a possible new Every Time I Die album?

Every Time I Die formed in 1998 and have released nine studio albums. At the time of this writing, their latest release is that of 2021’s Radical.


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Words by: Michael Pementel