“Grandma just killed Rob Zombie”: Watch This Elderly Woman Crush Rob Zombie At Karaoke Night

Rob Zombie
Image of woman covering Rob Zombie: aprilbaumsaway TikTok / Rob Zombie photo: Goroth (Jan Brauer) (Rob Zombie Wiki)
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You’ve heard of dudes at karaoke night covering pop songs with deathcore vocals, but are you ready to watch this one elderly woman to cover Rob Zombie?

Coming from TikTok, the video below features an elderly woman taking part in a fun karaoke night; rather than cover something laid back and serene though, the woman opts to sing-along to the Rob Zombie song “Dragula.” The TikTok starts with a caption on screen saying, “Grandma just killed Rob Zombie.” Honestly, this lady goes hard on the “Dragula” cover.

Check out her performance for yourself below!


I’ve never seen anything better than this. @Rob Zombie #dragula #fargo #northdakota #karaokechallenge

♬ original sound – April Baumsaway

One comment associated with this video involves a TikTok user writing, “Why’s everybody so chill?! Grams is KILLIN IT!!! HELLO!!!” Frankly, we agree with them.

A follow-up TikTok video to this one, posted by TikTok user aprilbaumsaway, says that the woman’s name is Judy.

Judy, we just want to let you know you rock!

We may not typically associate the music of Rob Zombie with older generations of music listeners, but hey, music is for everyone! That said, it seems like Rob Zombie’s music has a special connection with that of the elderly – because this isn’t the first time “Dragula” has been covered by an elderly person.

Back in 2021, Metal Hammer wrote about a metal-loving grandma singing to Rob Zombie at karaoke as well! Per their article, the grandma’s name is Pamela Willis Martin. The video features her singing to “Dragula” and some young dudes nearby head banging to her singing. The video of this (which is below) is as cool as it is wholesome.

We also came across another video on YouTube that features an 80-year-old woman singing to Rob Zombie’s “Dragula” at another karaoke night!

Dang Rob, “Dragula” sure is popular with the ladies!

“Dragula” is part of Zombie’s 1998 studio album, Hellbilly Deluxe: 13 Tales of Cadaverous Cavorting Inside the Spookshow International.

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Words by: Michael Pementel