Chuck Billy Says Drummer Dave Lombardo Wants To Be Part Of The Next Testament Album

drummer Dave Lombardo
Dave Lombardo photo: Milosz Bauza / Chuck Billy photo: Achim Raschka (Wikimedia Commons)
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At the beginning of this month, it was confirmed that thrash legends Testament had recruited drummer Dave Lombardo to accompany them on tour. Lombardo is stepping in for Gene Hoglan, who parted ways with the band on good terms.

Drummer Dave Lombardo will be taking part in The Bay Strikes Back Tour, which features Testament, Exodus, and Death Angel. Beyond touring though, Lombardo has mentioned interest in working on new material with Testament.

In a recent interview with Ben Ruta from WSOU, Testament frontman Chuck Billy talked about how drummer Dave Lombardo shared interest in working with band guitarist Eric Peterson on new material.

Billy shared the following:

“It all depends on Eric; he’s the starting point of what we do. So, talking to him, he’s, like, ‘Man, I’ve got so many riffs.’ He’s ready to write another record, which is good. And I think hopefully bringing Dave in and just some new blood and someone to push him a little bit… ‘Cause I think Dave, actually, when we did The Gathering record… Eric’s always been the one who’s programmed the drums on a drum machine and really worked out the songs and then presented them to the drummers, where I think on that particular record Dave just said, ‘Dude, just play.’

“And he just jumped in and they just started jamming and started just creating like that. So there was something to that where Eric really focused on the guitar work instead of having to worry about the drums. And I think hopefully him and Dave can start creating some cool magic by just jamming again and see what happens.”

Chuck Billy also brought up that the conversation of Lombardo working on new band material came up pretty early.

“When we first got [Dave] back and talked about getting back on tour and blah blah blah, [we said] ‘What about doing another record?’ And the first thing, he’s, like, ‘Dude, could you imagine another record that we wrote together?’ And I’m, like, ‘Yeah. So let’s do that.’

“I think [Dave is] down [for doing an album]. I’m not holding my breath that Dave just is in Testament only but we’re gonna have to kind of maneuver around what happens. But then again, this is the beginning of the relationship. We might be busy enough and he might just be happy enough just working with us and it works out. So we’re just kind of taking it one day at a time, one tour at a time. We know he’s gonna be with us for the next three tours — we know that for sure — so we’ll see what happens after that.”

You can check out the full interview with Chuck Billy below. The last time Dave Lombardo worked with Testament, he helped to write their 1999 album The Gathering.


Words by: Michael Pementel