Judas Priest Guitarist Comments On Dolly Parton Dropping Out Of Rock Hall Of Fame, Calls Her Decision “Classy”

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You may have heard that Dolly Parton was nominated for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame; you may have also recently heard that she has stepped out of the running. On Twitter, back on March 14th, the country singer Dolly Parton shared the following message:

One artist to chime in on this decision is that of Judas Priest guitarist Richie Faulkner, who praised Parton on her decision. Country singer Dolly Parton was one of the 17 artists nominated for the Rock Hall class of 2022, among such acts as Judas Priest, Eminem, Rage Against The Machine, Lionel Richie, and more.

In a recent interview with Rock Of Nations With Dave Kinchen, the Judas Priest guitarist was asked about Parton’s decision to drop out of the running. As transcribed by Blabbermouth, Faulkner said the following:

“I think it was a classy move, really. I think she recognizes her brand, and it didn’t necessarily fit into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. And I think it raises questions to what the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame’s brand is as well.

“To call it the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and not have bands like Judas Priest in it from day one, I think, is a weird thing,” Richie continued. “I’ve said this before. It’s shocking, really. I don’t know how you can call it the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame without having bands like that in it as default; they sort of spawned the genre. But, you know, I’m not eligible, so I can sort of say what I want about it I just think bands like that — [Iron] Maiden, Priest, Motörhead — there’s a few bands that are not in, and a few artists that are, maybe it shouldn’t be called the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. I don’t know.

“I’ve said this before, but I think the greatest accolade any band can have… You’ve toured the world for 50 years, you’ve put out music for 50 years, you’ve got a loyal fanbase for 50 years,” Faulkner added. “No one’s more grateful than these guys in this band, and I know that. They’re still putting out music, they’re still making music, they’re still touring the world. And I’m repeating myself here, and I apologize, but I think that’s more of an accolade than a trophy on a shelf; I really do. I think that’s worth much more than getting in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. That’s just my opinion. And I know the [rest of the] band don’t share that opinion; that’s just my opinion. It’s a loyal fanbase for 50 years. What more can you ask for?”

What do you think about Dolly Parton’s decision to drop out of the nominations?

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