Dave Mustaine Talks New Megadeth Bassist + Album Release Date

new Megadeth bassist
Megadeth photo: Megadeth Facebook page / Question mark image: TSkaff (Wikimedia Commons)
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In a new interview with Loudwire, Dave Mustaine hinted at the new Megadeth bassist and the release date for the band’s upcoming album!

Megadeth’s new record, titled, The Sick, The Dying, And The Dead, will be arriving on July 8th (at the time of this reporting). That’s because, in the interview with Loudwire, the Megadeth frontman spoke to how the record was delayed due to shipping times related to COVID.

“I’m sure it could possibly be scooted forward a little bit, but I think that would actually be worse than if it stayed where it was at. We need every little bit of time to let people get everything all set up with all this COVID shit. It’s been really difficult to ship anything, let alone records.”

The Megadeth frtonman also hinted at a new Megadeth bassist. As of last year, Megadeth bassist David Ellefson has exited the band after some graphic videos and text conversations were leaked involving him and a younger woman. The new bassist will be part of the band’s upcoming record; Mustaine also made a comment about how current touring bassist for the band, James LoMenzo, is “part of the band.”

“I like to push things as far as I can right because of the — not only the ability but the excitement level that Dirk and Kiko have with their playing ability right now. Our guest bassist that we had, he was a fantastic player. And having James be part of the band again… I remember there were so many, many wonderful nights playing with him. So when the situation kind of revealed itself that we needed to make a change, James was pretty much the obvious choice.”

Who do you think the new Megadeth bassist is? Hopefully we’ll get some news soon, but it’s cool to know that the new Megadeth album is arriving soon!


Words by: Michael Pementel