Breaking: Bus Connected To Korn Tour Has Been Hit By Gunfire

Foto: Fred Gasch / Lizenz: Creative Commons CC-BY-SA-3.0 de
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As reported by TMZ, a tour bus connected to the current Korn tour was hit by gunfire overnight.

Korn are currently on tour with Code Orange, and Chevelle. The TMZ report says that the Korn tour bus was hit while parked outside a hotel in Davenport, Iowa. A spokesperson from the Davenport Police Department says they got a call Friday morning for a vehicle that had been hit overnight. There is no explicit report as to how much gunfire took place during the situation, but the police say the bus was hit by a single bullet.

The report also says that a source familiar with the situation told TMZ that the bullet pierced the exterior wall of the bus and was found inside the cabin. Thankfully, no one was on board at the time of the shooting. The shooting also took place 24 hours before the next show on the tour was too take place.

We are incredibly thankful that everyone from the Korn, Code Orange, and Chevelle teams are safe. There currently has been no reported comment made at this time from the nu metal band, or any of the other bands for that matter.

There are only a few more dates left in the running of this tour. The Korn tour began back on January 31st in Phoenix, Arizona, and it will conclude on April 1st in Wichita, Kansas. Considering the intensity of this situation, it appears that Korn, Code Orange, and Chevelle will continue forth and finish the tour out. We wish all the bands and their respective crews safer travels on their current tour.

Keep a look out for more on this story as it develops. At the time of this writing, the individual(s) responsible for shooting the Korn tour bus have not been reported to be confirmed or apprehended.


Words by: Michael Pementel