“After that, everything else is just s***”: Ghost Frontman Talks Smack About Nu Metal

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Ghost are very much a theatrical band that have a love for the dark and heavy. The band’s upcoming album, Impera, promises to continue their tradition of thrilling theatrics and rocking presentation, offering listeners a haunting world where they can find an abundance of chills and wicked sonic delight.

In a new interview via Metal Injection, Ghost frontman Tobias Forge talks about his enjoyment of old school death metal, and his lack of interest when it comes to nu metal.

At one point in the interview, Forge is asked about other prominent or lesser known heavy bands he loves or has come to love in recent years; Forge goes on to mention a band called Negative Plane, while also bringing up the death metal band Gorguts. However, his answer also involves the type of music he is not fond of.

Per Forge:

“A band that I don’t think gets mentioned a lot that’s definitely up my sleeve in terms of what I like would be Negative Plane. Obviously an old band that sort of went a little bit through a resurgence a few years ago was Gorguts. Their Colored Sands record was really cool.

“My taste is very old school. Ever since like ’94 when nü-metal started to really show its face, I’ve been allergic to anything that suggests nü-metal and unfortunately that has been like the everlasting genre from like ’94 to today.

The bands that I like are usually bands that sound like an ’87 sort of death metal band. Unfortunately. I hate to be negative.

But I like a lot of other music. I like a lot of different rock. I’m more open when it comes to that. But when it comes to extreme metal I sort of cap it at ’93 and ’94. After that, everything else is just shit.”

The new Ghost album, Impera, will be released on March 11th.

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Words by: Michael Pementel