Watch: Pro Opera Singer Reacts to Pantera, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Lorna Shore & more.

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As metalheads we generally don’t give a hot damn about what mainstream society thinks. We are who we are and we’ve got this amazing sub-culture of aggressive music to appreciate and celebrate for the beautiful catharsis that it is.

That said, it’s a nice feeling when someone from “outside” of the community takes a thoughtful peak inside – not to judge, but rather, to try to understand what this amazing chaos is really all about.

As metalheads, we also take a lot of pride in knowing that there’s actually a huge level of skill and musicianship that goes into creating and playing great metal.

So, it does feel good when a skilled professional musician that’s not “of” our world can appreciate the real talent that goes into metal. And with all that said, we’d like to give some props to professional opera singer and vocal teacher Elizabeth Zharoff, who goes by The Charismatic Voice on YouTube.

Elizabeth posts detailed reaction videos to genre greats like Pantera, Maiden, Type O Negative and DIO as well as some of the new guard like Lorna Shore. But what’s cool about it is that even when she’s a bit, well, terrified, she’s always respectful, thoughtful and generally curious. Furthermore, she’s often quite impressed by what she sees and hears.

Check out some of the more interesting reactions below. And, horns to Elizabeth for having an open mind and seeing the beauty in the metal. There’s a reason she’s attracted an audience of close to 1 million subscribers on her channel.

Pantera ‘Cemetery Gates’ Reaction:

Iron Maiden ‘Dance of Death’ Reaction:

Metallica ‘Master of Puppets’ Reaction:

Lorna Shore ‘And I Return To Nothingness’ Reaction:


Judas Priest ‘Dreamer Deceiver/ Deceiver’ Reaction:


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