Watch: NOFX’s Fat Mike Sings Judas Priest Classic During the Super Bowl (Yes. Seriously)

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For many of us, the Super Bowl is a special television event where we get to see extra funny commercials – like this year’s Liquid Death spot. This marks the brand’s first ad for the Super Bowl, which is an awesome highlight for such a rockin’ drink!

For those of you not familiar, Liquid Death is a mountain water, designed to kick ass and hydrate. The artwork on the cans typically features these dripping, almost melting skulls – which is certainly something we don’t want our own skulls to do – so make sure to drink plenty of water throughout your day!

While the commercial features a bunch of kids going ape shit while pounding down Liquid Death, the commercial also features a pretty cool cover by a pretty cool dude. If you listen closely enough, not only will you recognize the song as Judas Priest’s “Breaking The Law,” you’ll also recognize that the voice behind the song is none other than NOFX’s Fat Mike.

In a previous post that Liquid Death had made on their Instagram account, the mountain water brand had hinted at something involving both Fat Mike and Judas Priest for the Super Bowl (you can find that post below):


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That’s a hell of a fusion if we do say so ourselves; the frontman of one of punk’s most prominent acts covering a song from one of the biggest names in heavy metal? Hell yeah, we’ll cheers to that! If you want to check out the commercial for yourself, you can find that video below:

If for some reason you haven’t tried Liquid Death yet, you can typically find it in convenience and grocery stores. You can also learn more and purchase some via

NOFX formed in 1983, with Fat Mike taking on the role of lead vocalist, while also contributing to bass, keyboards, piano, and occasional guitar.


Words by: Michael Pementel