Video: Pearl Jam Frontman Eddie Vedder Pays Tribute To The Late Mark Lanegan

Mark Lanegan
Eddie Vedder photo: Raph_PH (Wikimedia Commons) / Mark Lanegan photo: alterna2 (Wikimedia Commons)
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Yesterday, singer-songwriter Mark Lanegan passed away at the age of 57. A statement regarding Lanegan’s passing appeared on his Twitter account, stating the following:

“Our beloved friend Mark Lanegan passed away this morning at his home in Killarney, Ireland.  A beloved singer, songwriter, author and musician he was 57 and is survived by his wife Shelley.  No other information is available at this time. We ask Please respect the family privacy.”

Since news of his passing, numerous musicians have expressed kind words about Lanegan on social media and have spoken about how much he will be missed. As reported by Blabbermouth, during his concert in Seattle last night, Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder shared his feelings on Lanegan’s passing in front of a live crowd.

Vedder said, “I got here about four o’clock and all of a sudden my body started shaking a little bit, and I started to feel really terrible. And I think it was because I was having an allergic reaction to sadness. Because we lost… there’s a guy called Mark Lanegan.

“There are a lot of really great musicians — some people know Seattle because of the musicians that have come out of the great Northwest. Some of those guys were one-of-a-kind singers, and Mark was certainly that, and with such a strong voice.

“It’s hard to come to terms, at least at this point. But he’s gonna be deeply missed, and at least we will always have his voice to listen to and his words and his books to read; he wrote two incredible books in the last few years.

“I just wanted to process it and put it out there and let his wife and loved ones know that people in his old stomping grounds have been thinking about him. And we love him.”

You can find Vedder’s tribute to Lanegan below:

Mark Lanegan began his musical career in 1984 as the frontman for rock band Screaming Trees; he was also a former member of Queens of the Stone Age and The Gutter Twins. He went on to live an impressive solo career, releasing 11 studio albums since 1990. Mark was also a great writer. In 2017, he released a book titled I Am the Wolf: Lyrics & Writings, a collection of lyrics accompanied by explanations and anecdotes. His memoir, Sing Backwards and Weep, would be released in 2020. His more recent memoir, Devil in a Coma, was released last year.


Words by: Michael Pementel