Video: Muse Drummer Gets A Hold Of Slipknot Frontman’s Mask And Trolls

Corey Taylor photo: bill from jersey city (Wikimedia Commons) / Dominic Howard photo: Raph_PH (Wikimedia Commons)
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It isn’t rare for musicians to poke fun at each other, such as the case when Muse drummer Dominic Howard got a hold of Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor’s mask and started mimicking him.

As shared by Metal Hammer, footage of Howard’s trolling was captured during Spain’s Metalfest in 2001, where both Slipknot and Muse were on the bill. The video was released as behind-the-scenes footage as part of Muse’s Hullabaloo DVD. Apparently, as the story goes, Matt Bellamy (lead vocalist, guitar, keyboards) was able to steal Corey Taylor’s mask after Taylor handed it off to a woman on the side of the stage.

Regarding this moment, Bellamy said in 2001, “Oh, the Slipknot guy threw it to this girl at the side of the stage after they played because he must have wanted to impress her.”

He continues, “Unfortunately for him she wanted me so we got it. I think Dom got possessed by the spirit of Slipknot when he put it on. He was running around screaming.”

In the video, the Muse drummer gives his best impression of Taylor’s on-stage performance during, what we presume would be, the band’s song “Spit It Out.” As Howard puts on the mask, he details the moment he first saw Slipknot. He says, “The band were walking onstage, all fucking nine of the fuckers, all fucking walking up, giving it some of that.”

Howard goes off screaming “Sit the fuck down!” all while shaking his head and throwing his body around. Bellamy’s laughter is heard throughout the video, and honestly, we get it. Howard’s troll is energetic and captures the wild nature that Taylor brings to a Slipknot show. Howard’s effort to poke fun at Taylor overall seem innocent.

If you want to check out the video for yourself, you can find that below:


Words by: Michael Pementel