Video: Death Metal Pug Necropug Is Here To Bring You Cheer

Factor Metal, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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You may have heard of Black Metal Cats, but have you heard of Necropug? From the YouTube channel 2SICH, Fedina Anastasia is a super talented guitarist with a knack for humor. Anastasia’s channel started back in 2014, with the guitarist uploading covers of different metal songs; however, in time, Anastasia would go on to use those killer skills to make videos metalheads could both headbang to and get a good laugh out of.

The latest video on the channel, upload as of February 6th, is titled “Necropug – Hungry Demon (Official Lyric Video).” The titular pug of the video is a rampaging monster on a war path of squishy adorableness. Tearing at its toys, at Anastasia’s hair, this is a beast looking to eat. Even for something that is meant to be a playful brief cut – “Hungry Demon” is kick ass as hell. With great guitar work, catchy drumming, and Anastasia’s guttural vocals – as well as Necropug’s contributing vocal work – this is a death metal gem. Lyrically, the song captures the menace that is Necropug and his desire for raw meat.

Hats off to Anastasia because this video is an absolute blast. I myself adore pugs – as much as I do Black Metal Cats – and I think I’ve already watched this 20 times already. While we metalheads love our pets, our pets can also be metalheads too!

Along with the Necropug video, Anastasia also has a plethora of other fun videos that showcase awesome guitar playing and brutal vocals. I got a good chuckle out of this “Pro tip to make the darkest black metal” video:

Among Anastasia’s cover videos, that of Lamb Of God’s “Engage The Fear Machine” is bad ass as hell:

You can all of Anastasia’s (2SICH) videos here. And hey, if Necropug catches on, maybe we’ll get a Necropug world tour.


Words by: Michael Pementel