Video: Dave Grohl Featured On ‘Hot Ones,’ Talks ‘Studio 666’ + Mows Down On Spicy Wings

Dave Grohl
Dave Grohl photo: Ryanw2313 (Wikimedia Commons) / Chicken wing photo: anokarina (Wikimedia Commons)
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In promoting the Foo Fighters’ horror-comedy film Studio 666, frontman Dave Grohl guest starred on the latest episode of Hot Ones. For those unfamiliar, Hot Ones is a YouTube show from First We Feast; host Sean Evans will bring on different celebrity guests and ask them an array of different questions. The catch? Evans and the guest eat a variety of super spicy chicken wings.

The way things start is that Evans and the guest will eat mildly spicy wings, working their way up to hotter wings with each question. While the interviews conducted by Evans are entertaining and insightful, it can be real funny to see the reactions that celebrities have while eating spicy wings. Most of the time, you’ll find celebrities really struggling to eat the hotter wings, desperately grabbing at milk or water, tearing up, or having difficulty talking. And Evans – the dude doesn’t even blink an eye when it comes to spicy. The guy is a champ!

In the latest episode to Hot Ones, Evans features Dave Grohl. In the show’s introduction, Grohl says he has been waiting to be on the show for “years,” with Evans saying that, since the year famous chef Gordon Ramsay appeared on the show, Grohl has possibly been the most requested guest. Before Grohl and Evans get into the interview and eat wings, Grohl offers Evans a shot and happens to name drop Pantera. The shot Grohl pours for Evans is a “Black Tooth Grin,” which was the signature drink of the late Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell.

How well can Dave handle hot wings? See for yourself and check out the full interview with Dave Grohl below. The Foo Fighters’ horror-comedy Studio 666 is in theatres now – you can purchase tickets here. Also, did you know that the Foo Fighters have a new beer?


Words by: Michael Pementel