Video: “Black Metal Valentine’s Day” Pulls At Our Cold, Dead Heartstrings

Valentine's Day
God Seed photo: Vassil (Wikimedia Commons) / Heart image: Jon Phillips (Wikimedia Commons)
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Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and well, it isn’t the most metal of holidays per se. Listen, romance is cool and all, but is it as cool as black metal?

When it comes to this black metal couple in the video below, the best way to celebrate the holiday is by lighting a fire – and offering all that pink fluffy shit to the gods of chaos.

Uploaded via the channel Not Even Metal, “Black Metal Valentine’s Day,” written by Stefanie Meyer, is a delightfully grim and romantic video. There is a great comedic tone from the start as one black metal dude walks in with a handful of Valentine’s Day goodies; when his partner walks in though, she isn’t having any of that commercial bull. Instead, the couple take to the hills to light a bonfire and roast away the tainted adorable spirits, opting to head bang and pose alongside Immortal’s “One By One.”

If you are looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day in praise of the icy cold winds of agony – and maybe have a couple chuckles along the way – Black Metal Valentine’s Day is a fun way to do just that!

It’s also cool that the video brings up Immortal, because one of our most anticipated releases of this year is the new Abbath record, Dread Reaver. You can check out the latest single off the record, “Dread Reaver,” below:

Immortal formed in 1991 with Abbath as the band’s frontman. They are by far one of the most iconic bands in all of black metal, having released nine studio albums at the time of this writing. When Abbath left Immortal in 2015, he went on to start his own solo career, releasing his debut self-titled record in 2016. Dread Reaver is Abbath’s third studio record, which will release March 25th via Season of Mist.


Words by: Michael Pementel