System Of A Down Drummer Uses Pokémon Meme To Talk COVID-19

System of a Down
John Dolmayan photo: Maron.Ibrahim (Wikimedia Commons)
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John Dolmayan of System of a Down has had some strong opinions about COVID-19 in the past, and earlier today, he voiced more of his thoughts regarding the pandemic – while also getting Pokémon involved.

The System of a Down drummer posted on his Instagram account a meme involving the popular “Who’s that Pokémon?!” game from the Pokémon anime. While Dolmayan uses the likeness of the Pokémon Koffing in the meme, this Koffing has been edited to appear more like the visual for the COVID-19 germ. Dolmayan’s caption associated with this image is as follows:

“And just like that covid will slowly go away. This is and has always been about money , covid was about money , Ukraine is about money. Resources equal wealth , stability , and power. Theres a game of chess being played by those in the real positions of power and we’d like to think we’re the pawns but the truth is we’re not even on the board.”

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This is not the first strong opinion Dolmayan has shared about COVID-19. Last year, he ran into an issue while attempting to enter a restaurant; he wrote about the incident on his Instagram account, saying the following:

“Why does history repeat itself in the most tragic ways? People forget to capitalize on the lessons of the past and ignore the signs of a disastrous future. Today I went to a restaurant in Los Angeles that had a security guard that demanded paperwork for entry and watched as dozens of patrons capitulated and showed their “papers”. Things really don’t change do they? As long as you have a strong propaganda machine in place and find a way to take away basic rights even temporarily most people will do anything they are asked to gain back a sense of normalcy. The funny thing is three miles East in Glendale life is far more free and normal. Self imposed tyranny and mental slavery is rampant and infesting far too many places world wide. Hopefully this madness will pass .”


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Words by: Michael Pementel