Scott Ian Of Anthrax Joins 10-Year-Old Son In Performance Of Sepultura’s “Territory”

Sven Mandel, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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10-year-old Revel Ian takes a lot after his dad Scott Ian of Anthrax fame. While the little dude may not be shredding away on guitar, he is quite the drummer. In an Instagram video Ian uploaded to his account, him and his son are playing to that of Sepultura’s “Territory.” Considering that the two have rocked out to the band’s iconic “Roots Bloody Roots” in the past, it seems the Ian family really loves Sepultura!

The caption for the video reads, “WAR FOR TERRITORY!!! Garage-jamming this crusher with my hard-hitting man Rev. The whole thing will be up on YouTube soon.” You can check out that Instagram video below:


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It’s so awesome to see family bond over metal! While Scott has been playing for over four decades, Revel seems to be catching up to the old man! When you see the kids of talented musicians display such crazy skill at a young age, you know that the next generation of metal musicians is going to be as thrilling (if not more) than what was before. Several children of famous musicians have found a career in music, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Revel makes his way to the big stage like dad.

Anthrax was formed in 1981, becoming a foundational pillar in the world of thrash metal. In time, their talents would cement them as one of the Big Four – alongside other major thrash acts Metallica, Slayer, and Megadeth. Anthrax’s most recent record is that of 2016’s For All Kings; a new record may arrive in 2022.

Having formed in 1984, Sepultura have become titans of death, thrash, and groove metal. Their latest studio album is 2020’s Quadra; the band also released a collaboration album titled SepulQuarta in 2021 (which Ian was also part of). If you want to watch Scott Ian tear it up to Sepultura’s “Cut-throat,” you can find that video below:


Words by: Michael Pementel