Rob Halford Shows Us His Bullet With Lemmy’s Ashes In It

Photo of Rob by Luis Blanco on Wikipedia. Lemmy by Mark Marek on Wikipedia.
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In November, metal legend Rob Halford mentioned in an interview that he was gifted an actual bullet filled with the ashes of friend and fellow legend, Lemmy.

In the interview, Rob elaborated on how he came to possess said bullet and what it means to him:

“When Lemmy passed away, I had this beautiful opportunity to speak at his memorial. We had a great get-together; all of us musicians from all over the world, we met in Hollywood and we talked about Lemmy and his great life and the things that he’s left us. And then, not too far back, I get something in the mail from the Lemmy people; Lemmy’s office, his manager and everybody still work tirelessly to keep his name with us, as he always will be. They sent me — it’s a bullet [laughs], it’s a bullet with some of Lemmy’s ashes inside of it.”

“This is nuts,” continued Halford. “This is the kind of thing that Lemmy would have loved to have done. However you choose to interpret what I’ve just said, that’s entirely up to you. But to be thought of, to be brought into this small circle of friends where you actually own a little bit of Lemmy’s ashes and you wear it around your neck on a pendant and he’s close to your heart in the truest sense in terms of his mortal remains, that’s just mind-blowingly powerful.

To use an object like that to carry his remains is just so Lemmy — it’s provocative, it makes you think, it makes you talk. But as far as having a beautiful part of Lemmy physically with me right now in my house, that’s just magical.”

In addition to the Lemmy bullet, Rob showed off one of his other most prized possessions, a ring formerly owned by Ronnie James Dio:


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