RIP to Jon Zazula, who helped discover Metallica & co-founded legendary Megaforce Records

jon zazula
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Sad news to report. According to this piece from Variety, legendary Megaforce Records founder Jon Zazula has passed away.

Zazula’s influence on heavy metal music as we know it can not be understated. He and his wife Marsha essentially discovered Metallica in the early 80’s, releasing their first 2 albums as well as playing an instrumental role in the careers of Anthrax, Testament, Ace Frehley, Ministry, Overkill and more.

Here’s Jon below (holding the briefcase) with members of Metallica and Anthrax:

Jon Zazula did SO much for the genre, but perhaps will be most remembered for creating Megaforce as a way to release Metallica’s now iconic Kill ‘Em All album, and then Ride The Lightning as well before it was sold to a bigger label.

The Pit sends our hearts and horns out to his family, friends and all of the artists and fans whose lives he has touched.


Blast this one loud today for Jon:



Words by: The Pit