Producer Ross Robinson Shares A Behind The Scenes Story About Sepultura’s ‘Roots’

Ross Robinson photo: Ross Robinsion Instagram (ross_robinson)/ Roots album cover: Label, Roadrunner Records. Artist, Michael Whelan/ Igor Cavalera photo: © by Markus Felix | (Wikimedia Commons)
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Ross Robinson is one of the biggest names in metal production. He has worked with bands like Fear Factory, Korn, Slipknot, Machine Head, and Norma Jean (just to name a few). Ross Robinson has lent his production talents to many records throughout his career, including Sepultura’s Roots, which happens to turn 26 years old today. The album’s initial release was on February 2oth, 1996 in Europe, with the North American release being March 12th.

Reflecting on the record, Robinson recently posted on his Instagram account a pretty interesting behind the scenes story involving him and ex-Sepultura drumming Igor Cavalera. In the post, which you can find below, Robinson talks about the drummer coming to him with concerns about the album.

Per Robinson’s Instagram post (which was posted yesterday, February 19th):

“At midnight we celebrate the 26th anniversary of ‘Roots’! Share your greatest memories with this album in the comments 🔥

“My fav memory: just finishing live drum tracks, about to start bass n gtr overdubs-Igor takes me aside and says ‘I feel like this record is falling apart. What are you doing and how long is this going to take?!’
In terror, I said I’m just going to do exactly what’s in front of me and listen to the voice guide the process. Rt now it says: ‘plug a mic into the chord, then put it on that speaker.. beyond that, it’s not ours to control💥’ It was really sweet to hear him say he loved it when he came back to the studio a couple weeks later😅.

“Hoje à meia noite, nós comemoramos o 26º aniversário do ‘Roots’! Compartilhe suas melhores lembranças com esse disco nos comentários 🔥”

For some fans, Roots is considered a personal favorite among the Sepultura discography. Given that the album has gone on to sell over two million copies and has become one of the greatest metal records of all time, we think Ross Robinson did a pretty good job!

What are your favorite songs off the album?


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Words by: Michael Pementel