“No to war!”: Deathcore’s Slaughter To Prevail Provide Statement On Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine

Slaughter To Prevail
Slaughter To Prevail photo: Slaughter To Prevail Facebook page
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Many artists have been speaking out about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with Slaughter To Prevail having just entered the conversation the other day. While Slaughter To Prevail do not mention anyone explicitly, they did share, “We do not accept ANY military action.”

Slaughter To Prevail is based in Yekaterinburg, the fourth-largest city in Russia. Yesterday, the deathcore band shared a status on Facebook that said the following:

“No to war! Our band has nothing to do with politics, we do not take sides. We are for all peaceful inhabitants of this world and for world peace. We do not accept ANY military action. We wish all of you and your loved ones, relatives and friends to stay safe and hope this nightmare ends as soon as possible.”

Just hours ago, on February 26th, hundreds of anti-war protesters took to the streets of Yekaterinburg to denounce their country’s invasion of Ukraine. Several news outlets are reporting on the conflict taking place, providing constant updates as they arrive. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began early on February 24th, and since then, there have been reports of explosions and gunfire.

Several artists have reached out on social media regarding the invasion. Ukrainian metal band Jinjer recently provided a statement on the conflict (which you can find below); their bassist also provided a video speaking to what is taking place in the country, which is also below. Dee Snider took to his Twitter account the other day to provide his approval of the Ukrainian people using the Twisted Sister hit “We’re Not Gonna Take It” as a “battlecry.”

Slaughter To Prevail formed in 2015, which is the same year they released their EP Chapters of Misery. At the time of this writing, they have released two studio albums, with their latest record being 2021’s Kostolom.


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Words by: Michael Pementel