Metal YouTuber Makes Killer Song From Negative Comments Left On His Channel

LittleVMills photo: @LittleVMills Twitter / YouTube Icon: ZyMOS (Wikimedia Commons)
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The metal world is no stranger to that of trolls, so it’s fun to see one metal YouTuber flip negative comments on their head. LittleVMills has been active on YouTube since 2010, uploading, “A collection of Covers, Arrangements, remixes, originals, and lessons all mixed up into my particular brand of awesome-sauce.”

In LittleVMills’ most recent video, posted on February 11th, the YouTuber uploaded a video titled, “I Turned Angry Comments into a Hit Metal Song.” As part of the introduction to the song, the YouTuber shares the following onscreen:

“All the lyrics to this song are from my comment sections on YouTube and TikTok.”

“Please do not harass the folks that left them”

“This is all in good fun.”

The song itself is called “Best Shit Of My Life,” by Little V, with the added note: “Inspired by some of you ;)”

You can check out the song below:

We got to hand it to Little V – kudos to you dude! It’s real easy to either feel wrung out by shit talkers, or to even want to be aggressive back, but Little V doesn’t opt to be passive or aggressive (okay, maybe a little aggressive on those riffs). Instead, the musician uses his craft to convey a powerful message (as well as a sick song). When dealing with trolls, humor can be a hell of a weapon; good fun can be powerful enough to change one’s perspective, while also displaying one’s means to handle criticism.

Over the course of his YouTube career, Little V has uploaded a plethora of really cool covers. Some of his covers appear to be video game related, such as the one below involving Cyberpunk 2077 and Doom:

Then there’s this cover he did of Breaking Benjamin’s “Blow Me Away,” which is awesome:

Keep up the great work Little V! We are loving these videos!


Words by: Michael Pementel