Spirit Adrift Released A Killer Cover Of Pantera’s “Hollow”

Spirit Adrift
Spirit Adrift photo credit: Dave Creaney
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With yesterday being the 30th anniversary of Pantera’s Vulgar Display Of Power, Spirit Adrift paid tribute to the classic album by releasing a cover of the band’s song “Hollow.”

As the leader of Spirit Adrift, guitarist/singer-songwriter Nate Garrett started the band back in 2015. Since then, Garrett and the band have been delivering a captivating array of doom metal, with such gems as 2017’s Curse of Conception and 2019’s Divided by Darkness. In 2020 however, Spirit Adrift released Enlightened in Eternity, which displayed the band taking a big step away from doom, instead presenting a vibrant collection of heavy metal infused tracks.

To celebrate this major anniversary of Vulgar Display Of Power, Garrett saw it fit to cover “Hollow,” which is a track off the record. In a press release related to Spirit Adrift’s cover of the song, Garrett shared the following:

Vulgar Display of Power was a massive influence on my understanding of powerful songwriting, memorable arrangements, riffing, drumming, singing, and heavy metal in general”, says Nate Garrett (Spirit Adrift guitar and vocals). “I studied the entire album from an early age, and the standout track to me has always been ‘Hollow.’ It is dynamic, emotional, unpredictable, and perfectly suited for the style of Spirit Adrift. Covering such a great song by such a legendary band is not something I took lightly. I channeled every ounce of obsession and attention to detail into our version, making sure that we honored the original song while introducing some of our trademark elements to make it our own. Pantera are one of those bands that taught me how to play music, and I hope Spirit Adrift’s version of ‘Hollow’ does justice to their legacy.”

You can check out Spirit Adrift’s cover of Pantera’s “Hollow” below, as well as a video interview with Garrett talking about the song.


Words by: Michael Pementel