Korn Guitarist Thinks You Should Check Out Spiritbox (And These Other Bands)

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Spiritbox have been crushing it in the new world of heavy music, and Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch thinks they are worth checking out (along with a few other awesome bands). In an interview with Spotlight Report, Welch shared some of the newer bands in the scene that he he has been enjoying listening too. So, of the many bands that exist today, which ones are catching the Korn guitarist’s attention the most? Here’s what he said:

“I really like the band Spiritbox, bro you gotta listen to that band, and listen to a song called Holly roller’ and actually listen the whole record, is the most melodic, beautiful music. It’s a bit “evanescencish”. You gotta check it, don’t stop until you listen to that band.”

Welch also recommend, “There is another band called Holding Absence that is pretty cool, Siamese is another I’ve been checking out…Sleep Token is very trippy… there you got a few for you and your readers to check out.”

Even for bands that are constantly hustling with tour dates, it can be difficult to get noticed – which is why you love to see a big artist shout out some younger acts kicking ass! Welch has some pretty good taste if we do say so ourselves. Spiritbox is a prog/metalcore act who released their first studio album Eternal Blue last year (and it’s quite a popular record among folks). In other cool Spiritbox related news, did you hear how Shinedown’s Brent Smith donated $10,000 to the band?

Holding Absence is a rock band that just released a record last year titled The Greatest Mistake of My Life, and Siamese released their fourth studio album last year as well, titled Home. Oh and Sleep Token – another interesting act that is a blend of alternative and progressive metal, along with some ambient touches. Their second studio album, This Place Will Become Your Tomb, released last year. You can check out videos for each band below.



What are some relatively new bands in the scene that you would recommend to other metalheads?

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Words by: Michael Pementel