Iron Maiden + Disturbed Mascots Join Forces In Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast

Iron Maiden
Somewhere In Time album cover: EMI label, artist Derek Riggs (Iron Maiden facebook) / Asylum album cover: Reprise label (Wiki user: Fezmar9 ), also Disturbed Facebook
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Over the years, us metalheads have been gifted with video games that offer exhilarating heavy metal experiences, such as Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast. This mobile game – available for ios and Android – allows players to take control of the band’s mascot Eddie in a variety of forms while fighting their way through hoards of enemies in different fantasy worlds.

In RPG-like fashion, each Eddie fits into a specific class; one example is that of the Eddie from the band’s 1983 album Piece Of Mind (who is of the Sentinel class). In the latest installment to the Iron Maiden video game, you can now take on the role of Gunner class Cyborg Eddie (from 1986’s Somewhere in Time). However, Eddie isn’t alone on his mission.

As a part of a special collaboration, Eddie is joined by none other than Disturbed mascot The Guy! The two characters join forces in a narrative titled Disturbing Sciences – which pulls inspiration from the cover of Somewhere In Time, as well as the Disturbed comic book, Disturbed: Dark Messiah. You can check out the announcement trailer regarding The Guy below:

This isn’t the first time Iron Maiden have buddied up with fellow rockers in video game form. Last year, Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast featured a special collaboration with that of Ghost. The story revolving around Eddie and Papa Emeritus IV involved them attending a mysterious party in Transylvania that gets attacked by sinister forces.

We love the level of creativity that has gone into this game. The team behind Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast clearly has a love for heavy metal and uses that passion to craft fascinating fantasy worlds and narratives. If you find yourself looking to play something while listening to Iron Maiden’s latest record Senjutsu, this is a great game to pick up!


Words by: Michael Pementel