“I’m proud of the death metal scene today,” Corpsegrinder Bites Back At Chris Barnes

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Six Feet Under’s Chris Barnes has cemented himself as the grumpy grandpa of death metal, whereas Cannibal Corpse vocalist George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher just wants to have fun and head bang. After watching Knotfest’s Death Metal Round Table discussion, featuring Fisher, The Black Dahlia Murder’s Trevor Strnad, Gatecreeper’s Chase Mason, and Undeath’s Alex Jones, Barnes had some pretty harsh shit to say.

“I despise what this genre has become,” Barnes shared on Twitter back in January. He later doubled down on this statement:

Jeez Chris, angry much?

But whereas Barnes lacks chill, Corpsegrinder wants to celebrate death metal in all its current glory. In an interview he did with Little Punk People, Corpsegrinder shared his thoughts on the current state of death metal, shouting out lots of awesome bands:

“Gatecreeper’s pretty cool. I saw a band Frozen Soul, I saw them. There’s a bunch of bands going out here now. The scene is just as healthy as it’s ever been. It’s just as great as it’s ever been. It’s not dead, it’s not terrible, I’m proud of the death metal scene today. I’m so proud of it, I think it’s amazing. I think there’s so many great bands. Look, we’re going out on tour with Revocation and Whitechapel, and you know – two awesome, great bands.

“The scene couldn’t be better. And anyone who thinks otherwise, you know – kiss rocks. Because I’m so proud of the death metal scene. I encourage everyone to go out and you know, listen. Listen to the old bands. Of course. The old way paved the way. Go listen to Possessed. They’re the first death metal band, okay? Go listen to them and listen to everything between. Listen to Kreator, who I think are kind of the bridge between death and thrash that, without Kreator there would be no Cannibal Corpse. Listen to those bands and listen to obviously the old, classic bands like Cannibal, DeathObituaryDeicideMorbid Angel.

“Then you have Aeon, you have Black Dahlia Murder and Dying Fetus – like I said, newer bands. Like Gatecreeper’s been around for a while, but you know… dude there’s so much great death metal going around. The scene has never been better and anyone who thinks otherwise, you know… just, you know, I don’t know what to tell you.”

Death metal is in an amazing place today. Not only do you have the old-school acts still kicking ass today, but you have a lot of younger bands who are not only embodying the spirit of classic death metal, but who are even pushing the genre in unique ways. Take a look at bands like Rivers Of Nihil, their recent record, The Work, it is astounding. Or 200 Stab Wounds? One of the grossest, sickest bands today.

Hell yeah George! We love your passion for death metal and are excited to see you on your upcoming tour with Whitechapel, Revocation, and Shadow Of Intent. You can find all the dates and locations for the Cannibal Corpse tour below, along with Little Punk People’s interview with Corpsegrinder.

2/18 Center Stage – Atlanta, GA
2/19 The Ramkat – Winston-Salem, NC
2/20 Baltimore Soundstage – Baltimore, MD
2/21 Reverb – Reading, PA
2/22 The Roxian – Pittsburgh, PA
2/24 Brooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NY
2/25 The Palladium – Worcester, MA
2/26 Anthology – Rochester, NY
2/28 The Majestic – Detroit, MI
3/1 The Vic – Chicago, IL
3/2 Skyway Theater – Minneapolis, MN
3/4 The Gothic – Denver, CO
3/5 Metro Music Hall – Salt Lake City, UT
3/7 Showbox – Seattle, WA
3/8 Hawthorne – Portland, OR
3/10 Ace Of Spades – Sacramento, CA
3/11 The UC Theatre – Berkeley, CA
3/12 The Observatory – Santa Ana, CA
3/13 The Belasco – Los Angeles, CA
3/14 The Van Buren – Phoenix, AZ
3/15 Sunshine Theater – Albuquerque, NM
3/17 Vibes Event Center – San Antonio, TX
3/18 White Oak Music Hall – Houston, TX
3/19 Amplified Live – Dallas, TX
3/21 Red Flag – St. Louis, MO
3/22 Mercury Ballroom – Louisville, KY
3/23 Iron City – Birmingham, AL
3/25 Jannus Live – St. Petersburg, FL
3/26 Revolution – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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Words by: Michael Pementel