Father-Son Duo Of Anthrax’s Scott Ian & Revel Ian Cover System Of A Down Classic

System Of A Down
Serj Tankian photo: Stuart Sevastos (Wikimedia Commons) / Scott Ian & Revel photo: Scott Ian Instagram
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The father-son duo of Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian and his son Revel playing together is one of the most wholesome things we’ve seen on the metal internet as of lately, so of course it warms our hearts to see the two jamming out even more. Last week, Ian released a video on his official Instagram account of him and his son playing to Sepultura’s “Territory;” as of yesterday, February 13th, Ian uploaded a video of him and his 10-year-old son covering System Of A Down’s “Bounce.”

In honor of the Super Bowl airing that day, Ian captioned the video as: “A big BOUNCE for BOWL day!!!” You can find the video below:


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You can tell that Ian is having an absolute blast playing as Revel is hammering the drums. It’s a performance that is as heartwarming as it is kick ass!

Anthrax was formed in 1981, becoming a foundational pillar in the world of thrash metal. In time, their talents would cement them as one of the Big Four – alongside other major thrash acts MetallicaSlayer, and Megadeth. Anthrax’s most recent record is that of 2016’s For All Kings; a new record may arrive in 2022.

System Of A Down formed in 1994, and while they became a huge name in nu metal, the band have always incorporated elements of alternative and progressive metal into their material. SOAD were active from ’94 up until 2006, when they went on hiatus. Come 2010, the band would come back together and start playing live shows again. At the time of this writing, SOAD have released five studio albums, with the last two being 2005’s Mezmerize and Hypnotize. Though the band have written new music together, there have only been rumors at this time of an upcoming new album.


Words by: Michael Pementel